Sunday, July 25, 2010

Appointment of land losers affected by land acquisition for Railway Projects

Railway Board has been decided that appointment of land losers affected by land acquisition for Railway projects may call and consider applications for employment to PB-1 Pay Band of Rs.5200-20200 with grade pay of Rs.1800 only.

Railway Board has given some instructions as Screening Criteria for employment to land losers as follows...

Screening Criteria :-

1. The applicant shall be a person (sole owner of land or son/daughter/husband /wife of the sole owner) whose land or a portion thereof has been acquired for the project. In case the land is owned by more than the one person, the Competent Authority, as defined in the Railway (Amendment) Act, 2008/Land Acquisition Officer, will decide who shall be considered as applicant. Only one job shall be offered to an applicant from the land loser family.

2. it must be ensured that the displaced person has not received any land from the State Government in lieu of his/her land acquired/being acquired for the project.

3. Railway administration should request the concerned Competent Authority/Land Acquisition Officer to issue certificates to those persons whose land has been acquired to facilitate proper verification of the claims.

4. An applicant claiming appointment shall be required to submit the application with his/her signatures and photos duly certified by local MP, MLA or any Gazetted Officer. Candidates shall also submit affidavits fulfilling eligibility criteria stipulated in para 2 above, duly certified by the Competent Authority / Land Acquisition Officers. This shall be co-ordinated by respective Divisional Railway Managers.

5. The applicant should normally fulfill the eligibility and other conditions prescribed for the post against direct recruitment quota from open market. In special cases, General Manger of the Railway can relax these conditions and in respect of educational qualifications, applicant with read/write only capability shall also be considered.

6. General Manager of the Railway in whose jurisdiction the land acquisition is to be undertaken, shall be responsible for ensuring a fair and transparent selection of candidates.

7. Once and offer of appointment has been made, no further application claiming appointment on ground of acquisition of the same piece of land shall be entertained.

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