Monday, September 13, 2010

Safety Related Retirement Scheme in Railways covering with Safety Categories




RBE No.131/2010.

New Delhi, dated 10.09.2010.

No.E(P&A)I -2010/RT-2

The General Managers,

All Indian Railways.

Sub: Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories with grade pay of Rs.1800/-.


Please refer to Board’s letter No. E(P &A) I – 2001/RT-2 (KW)dated 02.01.2004 regarding introduction of safety related retirement scheme (SRRS) for Drivers and Gangmen.

2.It has now been decided to extend the benefit of scheme to other safety categories of staff with a grade pay of Rs. 1800/- p.m. The qualifying service has been reduced from 33 years to 20 years and the eligibility age group from 55 – 57 years to 50 – 57 years for seeking retirement under the Scheme in the case of Safety categories with Grade Pay of Rs.1800. The list of safety categories covered under the scheme is
enclosed as Annexure.

2.1 It has also been decided to modify the nomenclature of the scheme as Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) with grade pay of Rs.1800. However, the employment under the scheme would be guaranteed only to those found eligible/suitable and finally selected as per procedure.

3. The condition of qualifying service (i.e. 33 years) and age group (i.e. 55 – 57 years) for Drivers will remain unchanged.

4. It is also reiterated that the retirement of the employee be considered only if the ward is found suitable in all respects. Retirement of the employee and appointment of the ward should take place simultaneously.

5. The other terms and conditions of the scheme will remain unchanged.

6. This issues with the concurrence of the finance directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

7. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

8. Hindi version will follow.


(Dharam Pal)

Deputy Director Estt.(P & A) II,

Railway Board.

ANNEXURE to Railway Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I – 2010/RT – 2 dated 11.09.2010.

Safety Categories with grade pay of Rs. 1800.

A. Operating Department.

1- Pointsman

2- Shuntman

3- Leverman

4- Gateman

5- Traffic Porters

B. Civil Engeering Department.


2-Trolley man

3-Key man

C. Signal and telecommunication Department.

1-Khalasi/Khalasi Helper re-designated as Helper Grade II &
Grade I atched to ESM/MSM/TCM/WTM

D. Mechanical and Electrical Department.

1-Khalasi/Khalasi Helper re-designated as helper Grade II &
Grade I assisting Loco Fitter / C&W Fitters in Diesel Sheds
(Open Line & Workshops) EMU / Elec. Sheds (Open Line &
Workshops) and Train Lighting & AC. Fitters (Open line &

2- Crane Jamadar & Crane Khalasis.


Source: AIRF

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